Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that he will disclose before the election compromising emails sent by former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“We’ve got the emails. We’re getting them out. We’re going to get all of this information out so the American people can see it. You’ll remember there was classified information on a private server,” Pompeo announced on Oct. 9, according to the State Department. 

“It should have never been there. Hillary Clinton should never have done that. It was unacceptable behavior” added Pompeo, referring to the fact that it was classified information and Clinton did not comply with the protocols, putting national security at risk. 

During her tenure as secretary of state, Clinton maintained 33,000 emails on a private server in her basement between 2009 and 2013.

These emails were not only not properly secured but were deleted, which Clinton tried to explain by saying they involved personal information. 

While then-FBI Director James Comey said in 2016 that Clinton was “extremely careless,” he also recommended not filing criminal charges against her, according to the Washington Examiner on Oct. 11. 

The FBI managed to recover 5,000 of the 33,000 deleted emails, but the information related to the case was classified, not accessible to the public.

The State Department found that dozens of former agency officials and Clinton aides had acted similarly with “some instances” of classified information being “improperly introduced into an unclassified system.”

Likewise, the organization Judicial Watch has been requesting information about Clinton’s private email server for years and only received a few documents.

Although President Donald Trump authorized the information to be revealed to the public, this has not yet happened, and it will be Pompeo who finally does it, according to his statements. 

President Trump has been insistent on transparency for Americans and justice in this case.

“She deleted 33,000 emails, she should be in jail for that,” President Trump told radio host Rush Limbaugh on Oct. 9.

“She deleted them, she acid washed them, and she broke her telephones with a hammer, okay? Broke ’em with a hammer” Trump emphasized.

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