Families of unvaccinated cadets at the U.S. Military Academy say they face increasing pressure, coercion, and even threats to get vaccinated, forcing them into tighter quarantines and other restrictions, even for those who claim to have gained natural immunity having contracted the virus before.

According to Fox News, even though the academy’s inoculation rate among cadets since the vaccines became available is high, and that new cases continue to decline, West Point (as the US Military Academy is known) is putting heavy pressure on students who do not want the experimental vaccine.

Cadets claim they are receiving reprisals that include a seven-day quarantine during the break before summer training for those not vaccinated, and even all sorts of slurs, such as being ridiculed as “sick” and “dirty” and treated as outcasts on campus.

“It’s like solitary confinement—for a disease we don’t have,” said one of the students affected by these authoritarian directives on condition of anonymity.

They are also being persecuted with unfounded accusations, such as sitting less than two meters away in the outdoor bleachers without a mask and were told that further disciplinary measures would be imposed if they violated the social distancing guidelines again.

The state of New York, where West Point is located, has lifted the CCP Virus restrictions, but CDC mandates still order unvaccinated individuals to continue to mask themselves.

The cadet school’s Office of Public Affairs regulates that “In shared indoor spaces masks are required,” specifying that “if the shower and bathroom is in a shared indoor space, non-vaccinated individuals are required to wear a mask when not performing personnel hygiene.”

Students must also abide by the absurd rule of wearing masks while swimming, unless a social distance of two metres is maintained.

On the rules regarding vaccination, the school said that “Though they train together and are fully integrated in all activities, unvaccinated cadets are currently being housed separately from vaccinated cadets to minimize transmission risk and are provided with equal or better living conditions,” said a spokesperson.

However, some students who chose not to be inoculated because of concerns about the vaccine’s side effects expressed their displeasure and dismay at the mistreatment.

Such is the case of one young cadet, whose father, Mathias Sampson, a 20-year veteran of the military, said his daughter “has valid concerns about this vaccination – concerns pertaining to fertility, long-term effects,” he told “Hannity” on Thursday night, adding that “neither the CDC nor West Point has answers to these concerns.”

The father of another young West Point student, who recounted that his daughter acquired natural immunity from a previous infection, expressed his displeasure with the academy, saying, “I don’t understand what the leadership at West Point is doing right now,” adding, “Quick thing on my daughter: She loves the Lord; she loves her country. And all she wants to do, her dream, is just to serve both at West Point right now.”

According to reports, vaccinated cadets have reportedly been told to avoid socialising with their unvaccinated peers.

According to Fox News, a list circulating on campus that lists cadets by name along with their vaccination status, year, and other personal information, which the school confirmed its authenticity, said it had been “inadvertently” circulated and that they were investigating the matter.

But regarding allegations against the institution’s harassment of unvaccinated cadets and specifically against West Point’s coordinator for COVID affairs, Colonel Laura Dawson, for allegedly trying to force cadets to receive the vaccine or face the possibility of dropping out, the academy denied the allegations.

Due to increasing restrictions and mandatory quarantine, unvaccinated students will not even be able to leave campus for the rest of the summer. At the same time, their vaccinated peers will be able to do so, sources said.

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