The California coastline is contaminated with feces and fecal bacteria due to the thousands of homeless people who defecate on the streets of Los Angeles County, an expert warns.

In a recent interview with Laura Ingraham on her Fox News show, Dr. David Drew Pinksy (commonly referred to as Dr. Drew), an addiction physician and communicator, explained that the ocean off the coast of California accumulates an amount of fecal bacteria and feces that is above safety levels.

According to Dr. Drew these wastes reach the ocean because of the 60,000 to 80,000 homeless people who defecate, urinate, and bleed in the streets of the Democratic state every day.

All of that wastewater and human waste reaches the LA River and the Santa Ana River Basin, and eventually ends up in the oceans, said Dr. Drew.

“There’s an organization called Heal the Bay that controls the safety of our beaches in Southern California, from Orange County to Ventura,” the doctor explained.

“Since last winter’s rains, [Heal the Bay] has been giving our beaches C’s to F’s, and F means completely invaded by fecal bacteria. What comes with that are other things like syringes, hepatitis A, and other infectious diseases,” he added.

A row of tents and things of homeless people in Downtown LA. There are over 30 000 homeless living in the city of Los Angeles
A row of tents and property of homeless people in Downtown LA. There are over 30,000 homeless living in the city of Los Angeles. (Shutterstock)

Media LAist recently published a list of 5 beaches where, according to the report by Heal the Bay, swimming or surfing can mean literally swimming in feces.

According to the report, five of the top 10 dirtiest beaches in the state are in Southern California and are:

  • San Clemente pier
  • Long Beach at Coronado Avenue
  • Monarch Beach at Salt Creek
  • Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey
  • Cabrillo Beach (harbor side)

All of these beaches have very high levels of bacteria even during the dry season, although when it rains the situation drastically worsens.

“The bad news is that when it rains, the runoff that goes down into the water is replete with pathogens that can cause upper respiratory diseases, ear and eye infections, and gastrointestinal problems,” warns Dr. Drew.

Homeless crisis in California

According to Fox News, there are about 53,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County, including about 1,000 registered sex offenders.

One-third of them have mental health problems and another third have drug addiction problems, according to Fox News.

The city is full of makeshift camps that generate a lot of garbage and feces to such an extent that they are already beginning to hinder traffic, the expert explained.

Dr. Drew said, “The 800,000 undocumented immigrants who are received in the sanctuary cities need a place to live.”

The doctor argued that this is not a housing problem but “a mental health and legal problem” and added that security forces cannot touch any of these camps.

“People are dying inhumanly in the streets. How many more people must die? We have to ask the American Association for Rights and Freedoms [NGO funded by speculator George Soros] and the lawyers who continue to sue the city so it can do nothing,” Dr. Drew says.

President Donald Trump recently addressed this problem and expressed his willingness to combat the growing phenomenon of the homeless and mentally ill in some cities in the United States in an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, recorded in Japan during the G20 last month.

“Some of them have mental problems where they don’t even know they’re living that way,” President Trump said.

“In fact, perhaps they like living that way. We cannot ruin our cities. And you have people that work in those cities. They work in office buildings and to get into the building, they have to walk through a scene that nobody would have believed possible three years ago,” the president added.

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