Society is showing signs of fatigue in the face of the restrictions imposed to combat the CCP Virus. A recent example shows a group of protesters who chose to remove their masks inside a shopping mall in Florida, while singing and dancing in the aisles inviting customers to do the same. 

A video that quickly went viral on social networks shows a group of unmasked protesters parading and screaming inside a Target store in Florida, inviting customers to take off their masks.

The person who uploaded and shot the video is the same person who organized the event, according to Breitbart his name is Chris Nelson. He can be heard saying, “Alright. We’re tired of shopping with masks on. And now, we’re taking our masks off because we’re done with it.”

“Breathe. Breathe. You’re Americans. Breathe,” one woman said as she marched through the store.

In the video you can see a shopper who was not among the protesters, who decided to spontaneously join in and for a few moments took off her mask and danced with the rest of the group that was happily singing.

“We’re not going to take it anymore,” exclaimed another woman shortly after, who also took off her mask, while a member of the group applauded her.

Another of the protesters, who introduced himself as Nathan Babcock, said in dialogue with the HuffPost media that he was happy with the event and that it had been successful. He also said that he fully respects those who wish to wear a mask because they feel it is safer, but simply asked that he not be forced to wear it if he does not see it the same way.

Babcock felt that those who do not accept the imposed measures have no voice and for that reason he felt it was important to organize and meet among those who think the same way. He also assured that he will join other such protests in the future. 

Among the protesters was Cristina Gomez, the Florida woman who became known a few weeks ago through a video in which she spoke out strongly against the use of masks during a meeting of the Palm Beach County Commission. Journalist Rex Chapman tweeted the video of her short speech.

During the meeting, she said that the masks are killing people and told the commissioners, “The people are waking up.”

Protesters who are against the use of masks base their preference on certain scientific  that discredit their use as a truly effective virus prevention. Such is the case of Lisa Brosseau, an infectious disease expert from the University of Minnesota, who wrote an interesting article in which she explains that there is no empirical evidence to guarantee that the use of cloth masks prevent the passage of microparticles that transmit viruses. 

Currently in the United States, 34 states require the use of face masks in public spaces. Florida is not among them, but some localities in the state do have requirements to wear masks. 

The video of the group of unmasked protesters went viral on social networks and even appeared in many mass media outlets. This is because people are beginning to feel tired of the measures imposed to combat the CCP Virus, such as the use of masks, especially given the uncertainty of not knowing how long these measures should be applied. Will people be able to stand it much longer?