A serious crash happened in Florida on Friday, Sept. 15, and a firefighter’s family is asking for the community’s prayers.

Pasco County firefighter Hunter Garcia, his wife, and their infant daughter are staying in a room together at St. Joseph’s Hospital. His baby girl is fighting to stay alive and Garcia and his wife’s injuries are described as severe.

“He had serious injuries to his face. His orbital socket was fractured as well as some other injuries to his body, and his wife was also injured as well with a fractured back and pelvis,” the Public Information Officer for Pasco County Fire and Rescue Corey Dierdorff Dierdorff said.

Garcia has served in the Pasco County Fire and Rescue for two years. He’s new to the force, but they aren’t leaving him behind. The fire family is waiting outside in the hallway for Garcia’s family.

“That’s just not what we do, so as much as we’re there for everyone else’s family, we’re going to be there for our family. I just want him to know that we have his back,” Dierdorff said.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the crash occurred when the firefighter’s SUV was T-boned by another car that ran a stop sign on Brown Road.

“We take out the baby. Everybody tried to do CPR on the baby waiting for the paramedic coming,” Rosa Guido, a witness told FOX 13.

Four cars were involved in the crash. Five people, including the Garcia family, were hospitalized as a result of the crash.

The driver who ran the stop sign also went to the hospital, and deputies are talking to that person to figure out what happened.

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