Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, known for leading the two impeachment attempts against Donald Trump, was caught modifying evidence in an attempt to frame Trump’s former chief of staff and call for his arrest for failing to appear to testify before the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 incidents on Capitol Hill.

The House January 6 committee, whose impartiality has been questioned because the only two Republican members of the committee were chosen by Nancy Pelosi and maintain some enmity with the former president, who is the focus of the investigation, called several former Trump officials to testify.

The purpose of the committee’s investigation is unclear as the FBI itself, whose specialty is investigating, concluded that there was no coordinated effort to breach the congressional grounds.

Trump was also acquitted in the second impeachment attempt in which it was attempted to blame him for organizing ‘the insurrection’ against Biden.

Onthe legal advice of their lawyers, several of Trump’s former officials refused to testify before the committee ,which consequently asked the Justice Department to prosecute them for contempt.

Such was the case of Steve Bannon, who was arrested and released the same day for not wanting to cooperate with the investigation.

While Meadows cooperated to some extent with the investigation, he refused to provide confidential information on former President Trump ,citing executive privilege that protects government officials’ communications

Nonetheless, the committee was able to obtain phone company records of calls and text messages between some of Trump’s former officials.

During a committee hearing on Monday, Dec. 13, Adam Schiff showed a message, particularly with which he wanted to demonstrate that Meadows—who at the time was Trump’s right-hand man— planned in advance with other Republicans, to invalidate the electoral votes and reverse ‘the will of the people’ i.e. not to confirm Biden as president.

Sean Davis a Federalist reporter, noted that Rep. Schiff modified the text message sent by a Republican lawmaker to Mark Meadows, in order to incriminate him and ask the Justice Department to arrest him for failing to comply with a subpoena.

The message, which Davis confirmed was forwarded by Rep. Jim Jordan read and displayed on screen by Schiff, read:

“On January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, should call out all electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all.”

Schiff explained that, “You can see why this is so critical to ask Mr. Meadows about a lawmaker suggesting that the former vice president simply throw out votes that he unilaterally deems unconstitutional in order to overturn a presidential election and subvert the will of the American people.”

But the message that was originally sent by former Department of Defense Inspector General Joseph Schmitz went like this:

“On January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, should call out all the electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all—in accordance with guidance from founding father Alexander Hamilton and judicial precedence.”

Schiff removed the hyphen and placed a period to make the message sound like Jordan was asking Meadows to direct Pence to discard electoral votes that were objectionable so as not to certify Biden.

The full message ends with a legal reference and argues that ‘following this rationale, an unconstitutionally appointed elector, like an unconstitutionally enacted statute, is no elector at all.’

One committee’s spokesperson confirmed that the message had been misrepresented, Breitbart reported.

“In the graphic, the period at the end of that sentence was added inadvertently. The Select Committee is responsible for and regrets the error,” the committee’s spokesman said in an email to the Federalist, although no copy of such email was provided, only a mention of it.

During the first impeachment trial against Trump, Schiff also altered the transcript of an alleged call between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. He made up that Trump explicitly asked Zelensky to ‘make up dirt’ on his rival, Joe Biden, in exchange for financial aid.

But such words were never said, and Trump was acquitted.

The insistence of the committee investigating the January 6 incidents on Capitol Hill to incriminate Trump, ignoring the evidence presented by the FBI, could play against the Democrats who continue to lose votes and popularity in historically ‘blue’ states.

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