Get your tissues because this touching story is as real as it gets.

Bus drivers are some of the planet’s most amazing people. They have the hard job of transporting some of the most precious cargo every day back and forth to school.

Many days have severe weather such as snow, wind, and rain. While bus drivers are tasked with getting students to school safely in inclement weather, many are also taking it upon themselves to ensure that these students are properly dressed for the cold.

While on his way, a Kennewick, Washington, school bus driver named John Lunceford picked up a crying child who was standing without a hat or scarf in the freezing temperatures of the Northwest.

Bus drivers John Lunceford from Kennewick Washington. (Photo: Facebook/Kennewick School District)

According to a post on the Facebook page of the Kennewick School District, looking at the child’s red face, eyes, and hands, John removed his own gloves and put them on the young boy, saying “It’ll be OK, it’ll be OK.”

Lunceford went straight to the local dollar store after his shift had finished to buy more winter gear for his passengers. He picked up items like gloves, hats, and scarves to have on hand for when any other student got on the bus and wanted to warm up.

Lunceford took things a step further after handing out gear to his riders and went to the local library to see if anyone needed clothes for the cold weather.

When the school district heard about the kind act of their bus driver, they decided to share their inspiring story on Facebook. The story went viral in 2016, but Lunceford said he doesn’t do this for attention.

In reality, he doesn’t even like recognition or fame. He only wants to make sure that no child is left to suffer in the cold without proper protection.

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