A shopper at a Walmart in San Jose, California, published a video on Twitter showing them uncapping a bottle of blue mouthwash, gargling the liquid, throwing it back into the bottle, and then returning the item to the shelf together with other identical Listerine bottles.

“Girl, it was a musty (expletive) morning,” tells the video’s initial poster, whose username on Twitter is “Bameron Nicole Smith.”

Smith then opens a bottle with a blue liquid, takes a swig of Listerine and dumps the contents back into the bottle.

The initial poster subsequently tweeted pictures of themself with receipts that seem to demonstrate that Smith bought Walmart’s mouthwash instead of leaving it on the shelf.

Sources close to Walmart revealed to INSIDER that Smith actually bought the Listerine it all caught on surveillance tape.

Walmart’s representative informed INSIDER: “If someone tampers with a product and leaves it on the shelf, we will work with law enforcement to identify and prosecute those found responsible.”

It remains unclear if Smith could face legal trouble. That was the case for a person from Louisiana who was filmed licking from a tub of ice cream and then returned it to the shelf last week. Although he later showed a receipt for the ice cream to the police, he was still prosecuted for notoriety and publicity with unauthorized posting of criminal activity.

While many people reacted with disgust at the act to the video, after releasing the video, Smith was also overwhelmed with hateful, transphobic remarks.

The clip had received 15.6 million views.

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