Vice President Kamala Harris has used the Bible as a reference to urge more people to get vaccines as the Biden administration is seeking to pursue a bolder push to the COVID-19 vaccination agenda.

“I do believe that that act of getting vaccinated is the very essence of what the Bible tells us when it says ‘love thy neighbor.’ Right?” Harris said in a statement cited by the Gateway Pundit on Tuesday, July 20.

“Because what we know is, one can ask, ‘Who is one’s neighbor?’ Is it the person who lives to my left, lives to my right? I know them, may borrow a cup of sugar. Right? But what we know it means when we say ‘love thy neighbor’,” she said.

According to the White House, Harris was calling for the vaccinations against COVID-19 in a speech in Michigan last Tuesday, July 12.

In her speech, Harris claimed that, “by getting vaccinated, you are loving your neighbor.”

The vice president said that COVID-19 cases are down from the peak, and the related deaths have fallen by 90% in the United States.

“The vaccine gave us the upper hand against this virus,” Harris said.

“Getting vaccinated is the single-best defense against COVID-19 and its variants.  It’s the single-best defense,” she said.

Harris referenced the Bible to push the vaccination as the Biden administration fell behind the goal to have 70% of the population get at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine by July 4.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data, 186.9 M, or 68,2% of American adults, have received at least one vaccine shot as of Thursday, July 22, with 48.8% having had both shots still missing the target.

Former President Donald Trump claimed on Sunday that the Biden administration fell behind the COVID-19 vaccination schedule because a part of the American people does not trust the new administration, the 2020 election, and the fake news media as well.

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