A Washington Post fact check has given Vice President Kamala Harris two Pinocchios for her comments on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus vaccination plan, reported Just The News.

During an interview with Axios, Harris said there was “no stockpile of vaccines” when the Biden administration took office, “so, in many ways, we’re starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year.”

“There was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations. We were leaving it to the states and local leaders to try and figure it out,” she said. 

The Post’s Glenn Kessler said that Harris “gets into trouble when she says ‘we’re starting from scratch.'”

“Biden administration officials may be proud of what they have accomplished, but they shouldn’t suggest that nothing was in place when they walked in the door. They have built on an existing structure left behind by the Trump team. Harris modified her comment by saying ‘in many ways,’ but that’s not quite enough to avoid Pinocchios,” he added.

According to the Post, two Pinocchios rating means “significant omissions and/or exaggerations.” 

During a CNN town hall on Feb. 16, President Joe Biden also falsely claimed that he didn’t have a vaccine when he came into office. 

“It’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office, but a vaccinator—how do you get the vaccine into someone’s arm?” Biden said.

Biden and Harris received a full course of a two-dose vaccine before they took office on Jan. 20. The United States administered nearly 1 million doses per day as of late December 2020. 

“I want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. It is relatively painless. It happens really quickly. It is safe,” Harris said when she took the dose. “It’s literally about saving lives. I trust the scientists. And it is the scientists who created and approved this vaccine. So I urge everyone, when it is your turn, get vaccinated.”

Biden’s comments drew criticism from former President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Trump lambasted his successor as being either dishonest or “mentally gone.”  

“He was either not telling the truth, or he was mentally gone, one or the other,” Trump told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

“He’s getting lit up on that one,” Trump said, referring to the social media backlash over Biden’s statement. “Could he be joking? Because, frankly, that was a very dumb statement.”

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