On Tuesday, Dec. 28, Virginia employees unboxed more than 130 years of Civil War antiques.

A conservation organization has unsealed a box containing Confederate battle relics in Richmond. Newspapers, books, and ammunition from the American Civil War are among the items on display.

Workers found the time capsule while removing a statue of Confederate commander Robert E. Lee.

According to the Virginia Library, the box was buried in 1877. Scores of local citizens contributed roughly 60 objects to the container.

The contents and style of the box reflect historical documents, according to Kate Ridgway, principal conservator for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

Ridgway went on to say that, despite being moist, the furniture was in better shape than expected.

“We thought everything would be soup and it’s not soup, so that’s great,” Ridgway stated according to The BBC.

A Confederate flag made from the tree that grew on the original grave of famous Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, Miniè balls–Civil War ammunition–and a map of Richmond are among the items contained in the capsule.

Conservationists have discovered an 1865 Harper’s Weekly print depicting a grieving figure in front of Lincoln’s grave, according to Ms. Ridgway.

In early December, a smaller memorabilia box was discovered at the site. It was an informal memorial erected by the men who contributed to the statue’s construction.

In September, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ordered the statue’s removal in the wake of nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death.

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