The NBC reporter was involuntarily captured on video acknowledging that the president’s rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night, Dec. 10, was one of the largest she had ever seen in her life.

The president surpassed his own record of 2016, when he gathered an audience of 12,500 people in the Giant Center.

On Tuesday, in addition to the fact that the place was completely full, thousands of people waited in the rain for hours to access the compound and hear President Trump’s words in person.

In addition to the 12,500 people present, another 30,000 viewers followed the event live on YouTube and there were 2.1 million views on Facebook, according to Conservativeus.

An Internet user recorded journalist Katy Tur without her noticing, saying, “The [Donald Trump rally] is one of the biggest I have ever seen.”

The video quickly went viral when more than 5,000 people shared it and provoked thousands of comments.

“She’ll get fired of course for telling the truth,” a Twitter user wrote.

“At least this was a true statement for a change!! Yippee!” a woman said.

“It was packed! I was there waiting in the rain with thousands of patriots! It was awesome! I talked to dozens of people,” commented another follower of the president.

Conventional media does not report positively on any of President Trump’s accomplishments, not even to highlight the large number of people who attend his events.

According to another person who commented on the video on Twitter, this is because, “The real American people know that the media is a well-paid globalist communist propaganda machine: Katie hasn’t seen anything yet!”

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