Social outrage continues to unfold in Portland, Oregon, after five months of massive protests throughout the United States over the death of African American George Floyd, and the increasing attention of the mainstream media to the situation.

According to Katu 2, an ABC affiliate in Portland, there was a violent attack on Sunday, Oct. 4, in which a 41-year-old man ended up pepper spraying the inside a police car after breaking the window of the vehicle.

The suspect facing several charges approached the officer who was busy inside his patrol vehicle and the suspect broke the rear hatch window to spray the interior with pepper spray.

The man identified as John Russel then attempted to escape in a car that was in the vicinity but thanks to a description given by the assaulted officer, he was apprehended just blocks away.

Portland police arrested six people during the protests that began Sunday night, the Washington Times reported, dozens of people gathered in a downtown park for a march.

According to authorities, several people spray-painted a building and marched to the courthouse and the central precinct of the Portland police. Among those arrested were charges of disorderly conduct, assaulting a public safety officer, and criminal conduct.

However, to date, mainstream media coverage of the protests in Portland continue to wane.

Washington Examiner columnist Byron York said, “Remember the riots? It wasn’t too long ago that the news was filled with reports of violent protests in Portland, Seattle, Washington D.C., and other cities around the nation. And then … silence.”

“Networks and newspapers are going wall-to-wall with analyses of every syllable uttered by President Trump’s doctors as he is treated for coronavirus [CCP Virus]. Of course that’s news, but in the meantime, other news—like a continuing plague of violence in those cities and elsewhere—has virtually disappeared from the coverage,” added York.

York also referred to a report by journalist Andy Ngo, who via his Twitter account indicated that Black Lives Matter and antifa rioters vandalized the new $324 million courthouse, as well as other buildings.

According to an article in The Post Millennial, published in mid-September, the Portland Willamette Week newspaper provided a platform for Portland rioters accused of crimes after Ngo published public profiles recording their criminal activity.

“I believe my duty as a journalist includes informing the public about individuals who are believed by criminal authorities to be sufficiently dangerous to the public that they meet the standard for arrest,” Ngo wrote in response to a Willamette Week reporter.

According to Ngo, he is dealing with criminals that other journalists are afraid to confront, stating that “given the risk that violence and riots present to the public, including journalists, it is imperative that the press report fully on these matters.”

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