On Sunday, Oct. 3., a quick-thinking and brave Virginia police officer saved his colleague from serious injuries by pulling her to safety just in time to avoid being hit by a car.

At about 5 p.m., officer Jessica McGraw was investigating a car accident on the southbound side of Highway 23 when the incident occurred. According to New York Post, Officer Matthew Stewart was also on the accident scene to clarify an issue with a driver’s license status.

Suddenly a white vehicle traveling in the opposite direction lost control and crossed the median, hitting the front left side of McGraw’s patrol car, the video shows.

The impact of the white vehicle quickly sent the patrol car spinning toward the two officers. Luckily, Stewart saw it approaching and immediately grabbed McGraw out of the path of the oncoming patrol.

Virginia police officer saves colleague from out-of-control vehicle on Oct. 8, 2021. (CTV News/Screenshot via TheBL/Youtube)

“Officer Stewart caught a glimpse of the vehicle coming towards them and was able to react within a moment’s notice to grab McGraw and pull her out of the path of the spinning patrol car,” Gate City Police Chief Justin Miller said in a statement.

There were no serious injuries reported, though McGraw had leg pain, saying the limb “went numb like I had a bad charley horse,” the police chief stated. Both officers are expected to return to regular duty.

“It is my belief the quick actions of Officer Stewart not only saved himself from serious bodily injury or death but also that of Officer McGraw,” Miller said.

Meanwhile, the white car’s driver received a ticket for failing to maintain proper vehicle control.

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