The Houston Police Department has reported an incident involving someone from the Galleria and Uptown area.

The woman claims that she had just gotten into her car at approximately 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 16, when the suspect opened her passenger-side door.

The suspect snatched her purse and fled in another car parked next to hers.

Robbery division investigators compiled a video of the crime to publicize it.

Investigators think the lady was followed from the Galleria Mall to a grocery shop on S. Voss.

Security cameras captured the suspect’s car coming into a parking place shortly after the victim’s car.

The thief or suspects parked next to the victim’s car and waited almost 20 minutes for her to return.

According to HPD, “The complainant stated that she sat down on the driver’s seat and placed her purse on her passenger seat, at which time an unknown male opened her passenger door and grabbed her purse,” and “The suspect then got into a gray four-door sedan and fled the scene.”

The woman stated that her bag held $5,000 and that she feels that made her a target.

No specific details of the suspect were given.

Numerous crimes have been recorded in the neighborhood in recent months. Many of the victims were tracked back to their homes.

Please note that the video in this story is a raw clip supplied by HPD and does not include any audio.

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