Authorities are investigating an allegation of child abuse at an East County day care center in California Thursday, Oct. 10, after a video posted on social media sparked outrage.

The social media post shows an Alpine Children’s Academy employee pouring water on a sleeping 18-month-old girl. The startled child cringing and jerking awake, according to KDVR.

“It’s horrible, it’s absolutely disturbing. I actually think we’re all in shock about it,” one mother said. “It’s really sad and how dare they, how dare they do that to a baby.”

“Someone has to be an advocate for these little guys,” another mom noted. “That little girl can’t talk and can’t go home and tell her mom.”

The owner of the day care center, Hunan Arshakian, said that the baby did not suffer any injuries, adding that he didn’t know why the employee would do such a thing.

The purported crime was reported on Wednesday afternoon. Upon learning about it an hour later, the director of the facility immediately fired the employee and the person said to have filmed the act and reported it to authorities, Arshakian said.

Neither person’s name has been released, but Arshakian said they are both in their 20s and one is the daughter of the school’s director.

The sheriff’s office is investigating the case and charges are possible.

The toddler’s parents said they planned on keeping their child at the day care after hearing that the two works had been fired, according to Arshakian.