A new video shows the moments a family frantically ran out of the door in a Ridgecrest laundromat during the terrifying earthquake on Friday night, July 5th.

A little boy inside is seen picking up a little girl and carrying her in his arms, parts of the ceiling collapsed seconds later.

The damage even took a toll on Highway 178. On Friday afternoon parts of the highway were repaired but buckled again after the second quake.

As crews patched the cracks overnight, the ground rattled with a 4.4 magnitude aftershock.

Things are beginning to move up in Trona, California; nearly eight hours after the quake, the small town was left in the dark. Now power is restored, but there is no running water for the residents.

Cleanup attempts are underway for the second time in three days at a market in Ridgecrest.

Resident Art Rivera said:

“We were inside the house, and it was hectic everything was moving never seen something like that”

Valerie Abdullatif said that her father, the store’s owner, had no earthquake insurance and was preparing for a large financial hit. She said:

“I know how much this store means to my dad, so I knew it had such a profound impact on him and that got me devastated”

Family members from out of town have stepped in to assist the father of Abdullatif.

Samer Dahouch said they’re driving here and trying to help, and “it’s going to be two hands better than one hand”.

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