A 1987 news clip of former Vice President Joe Biden has resurfaced to thrust him into the limelight—again—after his Nov. 5 fracas in Iowa where he called an elderly voter “a damn liar.” Not to mention recently in Iowa, Biden grabbed a voter, and lashed out at him to “go vote for someone else.”

In the video clip from 1987, Biden can be heard plagiarizing various politicians during his 1988 presidential campaign. The video appears to be a compilation of clips and includes remarks he made at the Iowa State Fair.

He used phrases assumed to be his own original words however they were identical phrases spoken by the British Labour Party leader Neal Kinnock.

As the reporter in the video notes, “Biden seems to be claiming Kinnock’s vision and life as his own.”

One Twitter post reads, “When running for office, @JoeBiden does not just have gaffes or embellishments, he creates wildly fictional storylines about his life and work that simply are not true. These are lies. And he tells them to get votes and build a rep he has not earned.”

Biden managed to quote or paraphrase Robert Kennedy, Kinnock, former President John F. Kennedy, and former Vice President Hubert Humphrey, “all without credit.” Biden goes on to claim although he admits he had plagiarized a student’s notes when he was in law school, it was a “mistake” and “unintentional” after “quoting five pages of someone else’s work without citation.”

Toward the end of the clip, notable journalists discuss Biden’s gaffs, describing them as “devastating” to his chances of becoming president in 1988. “He looks like a Joe Biden wind-up doll with somebody else’s words coming out,” said reporter Eleanor Clift.

The final clip shows Biden claiming he went to “law school on a full academic scholarship” and “ended up in the top half his class,” as the “outstanding student” in political science, graduating with three undergraduate degrees.

Biden had to then admit that those were lies, as he didn’t “graduate in the top half of his law school class,” was not named the “political outstanding student” in the department, and didn’t graduate with “three degrees” from college, reports Daily Caller.