More and more elements appear to undermine the controversial qualification of armed insurrection given by the Democrats to the peaceful demonstration carried out by citizens demanding electoral integrity in front of the Capitol on Jan. 6.  

One of them is a video taken by former U.S. Army marine and blogger Bobby Powell, who captured compromising scenes related to the event. 

The Twitter user identified as @Gekko_WynV attaches a clip and summarizes what happened in a June 26 tweet. 

“Watch: Bobby Powell (Ex-Marine) shares exclusive video from Jan. 6th; Capitol police was ordered to stand-down & walked away, while an FBI undercover agent removed broken window, pushed/harassed a Trump’s supporter for yelling “Don’t go in there. Orchestrated Insurrection Event!,” he tweeted.

On the other hand, Powell himself recounted in detail what he saw during his stay as hundreds of protesters penetrated the Capitol in an interview published by OAN on June 25.  

Earlier, the same @Gekko_WynV had attached to another of his tweets a video of renowned anchor Tucker Carlson, in which he implicated undercover FBI agents in the riots that occurred on Capitol Hill. 

“The ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirators’. Law enforcement officers participated in the Jan 6th Capitol Riots. FBI Operatives got involved!? Coup d’etat,” he wrote in that tweet. 

Carlson has been very accurate in his remarks and is one of the few journalists who dare to question the official version, which contradicts facts such as those presented by Powell.

In one of his later programs, Carlson raised some of the questions that seem to make untenable the Democratic narrative, which unleashed the persecution of hundreds of supporters of the former president, Donald Trump, on the assumption of being linked to ‘domestic terrorism’.

In fact, Republican Senator Ron Johnson and his staff recently reviewed some 14,000 hours of surveillance footage and found no evidence of “violence” or an “armed insurrection.”

So Johnson noted that it was most likely that the Democratic Party and the mainstream media had misled the nation, lying about the siege.

“The bias of the left-wing media is destroying this country,” he said in a video, adding, “It is extremely important to create an accurate historical record of exactly what happened, so that the false narrative of thousands of armed insurrectionists does not endure.”

Even more contradictory is the Biden administration’s application of the concept of ‘domestic terrorism,’ which completely ignores the most violent Marxist groups in the United States—Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

During the summer of 2020, with the death of George Floyd, the protests of these two groups culminated in deaths, looting, destruction of businesses, federal buildings, violence against police, and others.

According to an Axios report, both privately and publicly, the damage caused in the 140 U.S. cities by the protests is estimated to exceed two billion dollars.

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