A 9-year-old Oklahoma boy, who underwent three years of chemo, became so emotional over his last chemotherapy treatment.

In August 2016, when Steven Cotter was just 6 years old, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and underwent his first chemotherapy treatment just a few days later.

“He’s had so many blood and platelet transfusions over the past three years, so many medications and hospital stays,” his mother, Ashley Cotter, said.

His treatments continued every day until this past weekend, Ashley told ABC.

She also posted to Facebook a picture of Steven next to a table full of dozens of pill bottles, which she said was “just a touch of what he’s had to take” over the course of his treatment.

After three years of chemo, Steven took his last chemo pill this weekend and his mother captured the emotional moment.

In the video that his mother posted to Facebook, Steven could be seen taking his final round of chemotherapy drugs before joining his father in a warm embrace as his younger brother and friend cheer for him across the room.

Even though it had no sound, Ashley said, “you can just feel” the “pure happiness” of the moment, which she said was “one of the most proud moments I’ve ever lived!” 


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