It is useful for leftists to portray African Americans as victims of the system and as supporters of the Democratic Party, whom the Democrats would come to save, according to Newt Gingrich’s podcast interviewing Rob Smith.

Rob Smith is a decorated African American veteran of the Iraq war, a decidedly pro-American, and author of the book “Always a Soldier,” in which he completely controls the stereotype, which Democrats are accused of wanting to pigeonhole African Americans into and which he speaks of on the July 19 Gingrich podcast.

Thus, it is posed as an identity crisis of the left that they pretend to rely on the mistreatment of African Americans to give reason for their political actions, which has been repeatedly refuted by prominent African Americans like Smith and others who are not.

Smith firmly states that he is not a victim and that in addition to being African-American, he is a conservative Republican who supports President Trump and therefore does not admit to liberal orthodoxies, becoming problematic for the left.

“I’m not just trying to rock the boat; I’m trying to push it,” Smith said on Gingrich’s podcast in which he presents the difficulties that this attitude represents for him.

“Discipline, self-reliance, personal responsibility, and love of country” are the values Smith believes all Americans should embrace if they are to improve their lives and unity.

Smith points to the tendency of leftists to promote the narrative that President Donald Trump is a “racist” and they avoid mentioning all the good he has done for African Americans.

“The fact that African Americans are being helped during what they will have you believe is the most racist administration in American presidential history does not fit into their narrative, so they exclude it,” Smith said in his book “Always a Soldier,” according to excerpts from The Patriots Report on July 20.

Smith, in turn, highlights the fact that President Trump’s policies have caused record low unemployment among African Americans.

“The fact that they have reached historic lows during an exploding economy that Trump’s policies have favored says something,” Smith wrote.

Along with this achievement, Smith also sees the passage of the First Step Act and the Senate’s passage of the bipartisan bill to permanently fund HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) as critical to African Americans.

The First Step Act, signed by Trump, seeks to encourage prisoners to participate in evidence-based programs, thereby improving criminal justice outcomes and reducing the size of the federal prison population. It benefits primarily African Americans.

HBCUs mitigate the racist exclusion of African Americans from mainstream universities, and Trump worked for permanent funding, worth $225 million annually, through a FUTURE Act (Fostering Undergraduate Talent by Unlocking Resources for Education) bill, which was not publicized by those who are supposed to care about the welfare of African Americans.

Smith’s claims are corroborated by some of the commentators in the article in which Gingrich mentions Smith and his participation in the podcast, through Fox News.

“It’s discipline, self-confidence, personal responsibility, love of country that leftists hate,” Getalife2019 said on Fox News.

“Honestly, the fact that it’s news that a person can be a Republican despite the color of their skin shows how far off the left is. Their ‘diversity’ experiment has completely failed and is driving the divide more than ever,” notes goodygrief, another Fox News participant.

“Identity politics is the only way Democrats can win elections. Their failed policies cannot get them elected. They seek to divide everyone into groups and pit them against each other,” said the Democrat userethemob, also on Fox.