Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday, June 6, that 5 percent tariffs on Mexican goods imported to the United States will be implemented on Monday if the United States and Mexico do not reach an agreement on the issue of illegal immigration at the Southern U.S. border.

Record numbers have been crossing from Mexico into the United States including large numbers of migrants from Central America who have been moving freely through Mexico up to the U.S. border. In May alone, 140,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the Southern U.S. border.||9245849b1__

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“People are being hurt on both sides of the border. And the president’s made it clear, that it is time for Mexico to act. To take such actions necessary to stem this enormous flow of illegal immigrants to our border. And as I said today we’ll also continue to call on the Congress to act.” the vice president said.

Large migrant caravans from Central America have traveled freely and in the open along Mexico’s highways throughout 2018 and also in recent months. President Trump has repeatedly requested that the Mexican government stop the migrant travel through Mexico to the United States. After multiple unsuccessful requests, on May 30 the president threatened to apply 5 percent tariffs on Mexican goods until the issue is resolved.

Vice President Pence urged cooperation. “Our hope is that Mexico will respond. The president is fully prepared not just to impose the 5 percent tariffs but to increase those tariffs in the months ahead. But we hope for better. We hope to see Mexico step up and take such action, it’s necessary to end this crisis of illegal immigration at our Southern Border. If they take that action in earnest we believe that will be the best neighbors they ever had.”

As the administration hopes that the issue will be resolved and mutually beneficial, illegal immigration is an issue that the president is determined to resolve.

“The American people can be confident. And while we continue to advance policies like the USMCA they will continue to drive forward policies for infrastructure legislation all the kinds of things that will continue to support a growing American economy. This president has no higher priority, than ending the crisis of illegal immigration that is flooding our Southern Border,” said Pence.

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