Vice President Mike Pence said on Aug. 6 that he was proud of young college students when they challenged codes of expression in institutions promoting freedom of speech.

In particular, the vice president referred to the safe spaces and zones of freedom of expression established on U.S. university campuses as contrary to the learning process, according to Campus Reform.

“All of those things are antithetical to the process of learning,” Mike Pence told the audience, stressing the importance of free speech at universities.

These statements were issued at an event organized by the conservative Christian nonprofit organization Alliance Defending Freedom.

On the same occasion, he recalled that President Trump, through an executive order signed in 2019, had conditioned the government’s financial contributions to universities in proportion to the freedom of expression allowed on their campuses.

By definition, freedom of expression flourishes in colleges and universities, but it does not seem to be so. In a debate on the Yale University campus in 2016, 66 percent of attendees supported the proposal that “free speech is threatened,” according to The Atlantic.

In the so-called safe spaces, those with distasteful or offensive views are prevented from speaking at a university, which is contrary to the university spirit that would procure the development of debate and conclusions for the benefit of all, according to The conversation.

For his part, Pence recalled that when he held previous positions in the government and people protested, he used those occasions to address his children saying, “That’s what freedom looks like,” alluding to the ability to disagree, according to Campus Reform.