Every day, rumors about the defection of the Vice Minister of State Security of the Communist Party of China (CCP), Dong Jingwei, who fled Beijing, together with his daughter Dong Yang on February 10, and is allegedly giving confidential information to U.S. security agencies, are gaining more and more strength. 

Jingwei reportedly revealed important data on the origin of the CCP Virus (Covid) at the Wuhan Virology Laboratory, which possibly influenced the changes made by President Joe Biden, who ordered on May 26 that the origin of the virus be investigated, according to the Daily Mail of June 17. 

A photo published by a former Chinese Foreign Ministry official, Dr. Han Lianchao, who defected after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, supports Jingwei’s possible escape.

According to Han’s account, the CCP reportedly petitioned the U.S. government for Jingwei’s deportation in March, but his request was denied.

On the other hand, Jingwei has not appeared in public since September 2020 and would be the highest-ranking official to defect from the CCP.

Although it is not easy to corroborate the information provided by Han, a former Pentagon, State Department, and CIA expert said Han’s claim was impossible to verify, but he was known as “a straight shooter, not known to exaggerate in any way or form, trusted for his integrity,” according to the Daily Mail, citing the media outlet Spy Talk.   

For her part, journalist Jennifer Zeng conducted her own investigation, according to which Jingwei had been deleted from the official website, where only the Minister of Social Security, Chen Wenqing, now appeared.

“Rumor has it that Dong Jingwei, Vice Minister of National Security of CCPChina has defected to US. He is the one that has been offering info about #WuhanLab and thus changed the narrative of origin of CCP Virus,” said Zeng.

She adds, “I searched his name when Baidu [Chinese search engine], when clicking the result, only Chen Wenqing, the minister was there. Dong Jingwei was taken out of the page. So people think there must be something wrong with this guy.”

It is not unknown that the strong frictions that seem to occur at the top of CCP power, and the multiple internal and external problems, make the crumbling of the regime that controls the world’s most populous country foreseeable. Apparently, Jingwei was loyal to leader Xi Jinping.

In this regard, the dissident of the Chinese regime identified with the Twitter user @Guan_PhD suggests that the opponent of leader Xi Jinping would be Wang Qishan,the current vice president of the People’s Republic of China since 2018 and former mayor of Beijing, 72 years old.

“The disintegration of the Chinese Communist Party is a foregone conclusion; the question is what final form it will take. For more than four years, the erupting revolution has detonated the real evil core of the CCP system, which is the South Putuo country’s gang of thieves,” tweeted @Guan_PhD.

He added: “Objectively speaking, Xi is not a country thief, because scholars who don’t speak English don’t have the ability to steal the country. That’s why, for so many years, many overseas anti-communist media only dare to scold Xi, but dare not mention Wang Qishan and others. Mr. Wen Gui [another New York-based dissident] spoke out about it in his 2017 expose.”

As long as Jingwei’s defection is not officially confirmed, it will remain a rumor, despite the elements that seem to lend it credibility.

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