A series of questions were raised over the reports on Saturday, Aug. 10, that billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein died by hanging himself in a cell in New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

While the news reports awaited verification, a big question is focusing on how he could kill himself while on a suicide watch.

Epstein was under a suicide watch after being found unconscious three week ago in his cell, according to ABC News, which also reported that he had suffered injuries to his neck in what appeared to be a suicide attempt.

“He was on suicide watch with cameras and hourly checks with little in his solitary cell to use for hanging. Wow. Someone was paid to kill him,” one netizen commented on The BL Fan page.

Another asked, “A high-profile prisoner like that should have been under extremely high scrutiny. What the hell is going on with New York City prisons?”

Epstein, 66, is an investment banker who reportedly has connections with Wall Street titans and powerful politicians, including former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of Great Britain. Before committing suicide as reported, he was being held over for trial on federal sex trafficking charges, which he had pleaded not guilty.

With such relations, some questions emerge, “Who did Jeffrey Epstein protect with his death?”

Or “What happens to the powerful protected buyers of girls for child rape whom Epstein protected with his death?”

One netizen also doubted, “He was killed because he had so much dirt on a lot of politicians that he had to be silenced?”

Another shared the view, questioning, “Was it suicide or did they need to get rid of him before he exposed the people he was involved with?”

Some others raised concerns about Epstein’s victims after his alleged attempt to escape justice through death worked.

“How many of those girls are going to come forward, and if they are going to be offered protection from ‘accidental death’?”

Many social media users made sure that “it wasn’t suicide” though some say “we will never know the full truth.”

When Epstein was taken to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in July, Spencer Kuvin – lawyer for the three plaintiffs against him, warned that the defendant’s life would be in danger because his powerful friends feared secrets involving them would be revealed, according to a report from The Sun.