Rep. Jeff Van Drew,(R-N.J.) met with President Trump in the White House on Thursday, Dec. 19, after his announcement on Wednesday that he had decided to vote against the articles of impeachment against the president. 

Van Drew had decided to leave the Democratic Party and join the Republicans.

The president said, “Very big announcement. Jeff will be joining the Republican Party,” adding he intends to endorse Van Drew, with Vice President Mike Pence also in agreement.

“This is just a better fit for me,” said Van Drew. “There were other times in my life when I thought about this.”

During an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Van Drew confided he had been thinking about the change in parties for some time. Still, the deciding factor was the decision by Democrats to impeach the president, and the pressure applied to him to vote to impeach the president.

“The final sign for me was, oddly enough, when one of the county chairmen said, ‘You have to vote for impeachment,'” Van Drew said. “And that ‘If you don’t, you won’t be able to run in my county.’ It’s not his county; it’s everybody’s county.”

Michael Suleiman, chair of the Atlantic County Democrats suggested to Van Drew if he didn’t vote to impeach President Trump, he would suffer the political consequences, reports The Hill.

President Donald Trump and Jeff Van Drew (D-N.J.) (Photo: White House and Twitter)
President Donald Trump (White House) and Jeff Van Drew (D-N.J.) (Twitter)

“It made me think for all the years that I’ve worked so hard and tried to give so much not only to the party but to everybody… it all boils down to that I may have my own individual opinion on one vote, and that’s not going to be allowed, and I’m going to be punished for that, and that’s when I knew,” Van Drew told “Fox News Futures.”

“There has always been something in my career that let me know it’s time for a change,” Van Drew said. “I feel good…I feel I did the honorable thing.”
“This impeachment is a weak, thin impeachment,” he said. “It’s been a long, dark shadow on our country.”

The senator added, “We are supposed to be there for the American people and not for political bickering. It harms our country, and it fractures us more.”

“Folks are tired, they’re tired of the millions of dollars that have been spent on [impeachment], and they want to move forward,” Van Drew said.

“We must understand what impeachment is, it almost never happens for a reason. It harms our country, it fractures [sic] us apart. I want to bring people together,” he added.

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