One parent in Thomasville, North Carolina, had a terrifyingly close call during a car crash on Friday morning, Oct. 18.

Thomasville police tweeted multiple photos of the crash shortly before 9 a.m. and said “No injuries but extremely lucky!”

The photos shared by the police showed that the car somehow collided with the base of a utility pole, which snapped, then flew with jagged edges through one of the backseat windows.

Part of the pole landed under the vehicle, while the rest remained dangling precariously between the back seat and still-attached utility wires.

Police said the couple was driving on a routine trip to drop their child off at school when they crashed into a utility pole, FOX8 reported.

According to Duke Energy, 241 people are without power in the area.

Investigators did not say if anyone was charged and did not identify the driver.

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