A mother from Utah is spearheading the search for her teenage daughter, who has been missing for nearly two weeks after disappearing from her home on the night of Sep. 20.

Rebecca Davis recalled that she assisted her daughter Morgan Sessions of Eagle Mountain with homework the night she disappeared, but when the mother woke the following morning, she discovered Morgan had vanished without a trace.

“In the morning, she was gone. She’d left her backpack with the homework we had done inside. She left her purse; she left her phone. Her school Chromebook, her personal Chromebook. Things she spent a lot of time and money on to earn,” said Davis.

“There’s something wrong, I just feel it. There’s something wrong”, she repeated.

“I just wish I could hug her and tell her that I’m looking for her and I’m not stopping,” her distraught mother said.

Since Sept. 20, nobody has seen Sessions, nor has she accessed her phone or bank account.

According to reports, the family and local sheriffs are searching in the Salt Lake City area and along the Arizona border, where the 17 years-old missing teen has family ties.

“I think about her nonstop. If she’s ok, if someone’s feeding her, if she’s being hurt, if she’s alive,” said the mother according to the New York Post.

Another missing child is a 16-year-old Utah girl named Kandis Harris, who has been missing for over two months.

According to human trafficking specialists on the ground in Salt Lake City, there are indications that she may have been trafficked.

Harris’ family has asked for the public’s assistance in finding her, expressing their fear and concern.

Kandis has been missing since July 15, when she left the youth treatment center in Salt Lake City, according to Kandis’ grandmother.

Kandis has not communicated with her friends in a long time, and she has not been seen on social networks.

The CEO and founder of Exitus, an anti-human trafficking organization, Candace Rivera, said, “in this case, there are signs that Kandis is possibly being trafficked.”

Most individuals, according to Rivera, are unaware of what modern human trafficking is. It’s the exploitation of a fragile community, she claimed.

“Anyone who has a substance abuse problem, possibly economic status, ethnicity, mental health disorders,” Rivera went on to say according to 2KUTV.

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