Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently warned of the threat posed to the United States by China in terms of trade and technology amid the spread of the coronavirus.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Sessions, who believes that the Chinese regime is engaged in ruthless competition that does not conform to the standards of the global economy, said, “This is a critical matter for America to understand. China is a ruthless competitor, and they seek to dominate the world, economically and otherwise. I believed that when I became attorney general. But after reviewing the situation, I became even more concerned.”

“As attorney general I created the China initiative to investigate the criminal activities of China. In the last four years of the Obama administration, there were no prosecutions involving China. There have been 50 since President Trump took office,” Sessions said.

He also noted that the Chinese regime is not willing to play by the rules, emphasizing that if someone doesn’t stop them they will continue to do things as they have been doing.

Sessions, who is vying for a seat among the Senate candidates, spoke about some conversations he had with Donald Trump before he became president, highlighting today’s president’s decision to implement tariffs to make China negotiate.

“He and I talked about it on the airplane in various private conversations,” Sessions said. “What I believe that fully understand is if we stand firm, China needs us far more than we need them.”

“They have this huge $400 billion-plus trade surplus with us. If they could not sell into our market, their economy would go into a major recession almost immediately, whereas we can buy products made in the United States, made in Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Philippines. It might cost a few cents more. They’re far more friendly to us and don’t cheat at the level China does,” Sessions added.

As Breitbart pointed out, Sessions, the Alabama Republican showed little empathy for the position that individuals like his opponent Tommy Tuberville, with whom he is battling in the Republican Senate primary, as well as some other legislators in Washington, hold against the Trump administration’s tariff measures.

“A lot of Republicans don’t get it. They’re religiously opposed to tariffs. They think that it is OK to cheat us as long as the product is cheaper. My opponent Tommy Tuberville opposes tariffs. He is a 100% free trader. He says he doesn’t agree with the president’s position with regard to China,” Sessions said.

Sessions also took the opportunity to talk about the way China intends to dominate the technology market by expanding the 5G wireless network around the world and the threat it poses to the United States.

“It is unthinkable that this country would allow this, would allow a Chinese government company to supply our computer systems in America,” Sessions said.

The former attorney general also referred to the dependence of the United States on China for medical supplies, especially today when the coronavirus represents a public health problem and also poses a challenge to lawmakers.

He emphasized the idea that the United States should not depend on Chinese production and that it may be more economical to produce the goods and services needed in the country, noting that China’s strategic objective is to co-opt American industries.

“It is also unthinkable that maybe for a penny or two per pill more, we would let China dominate production of prescription drugs, or even dominate key ingredients in these medicines. Sometimes they make the underlying ingredient, and they ship it in bulk and make the pills in the United States. But you’re still dependent on the supply chain,” Sessions continued.

Sessions also praised President Trump’s decision to put Vice President Mike Pence in direct charge of addressing efforts to the advance of the coronavirus, noting that Vice President Pence’s response represents an “all-of-government response.”