The United States could deny visas to Chinese doctors suspected of being involved in the forced removal of organs from practitioners of the spiritual discipline Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong.

This discipline based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance has been persecuted since 1999 by the Chinese communist regime, as the practice is considered a ‘threat’ due to its growing popularity. Doing the exercises was banned in parks and practitioners began to be maligned and harassed by local authorities.

Thousands of practitioners ended up locked into forced labor camps or re-education centers to be forced to give up their beliefs. Many of them returned home to die as a result of all kinds of torture, but many never returned. Eventually it was discovered that prisoners of conscience were used as a living organ bank.

In 2006, witnesses and the report of investigators David Kilgour and David Matas testified that organs were stolen from live prisoners of conscience, mostly illegally arrested Falun Dafa practitioners.

The data suggest that the organs were harvested “on demand” because they were extracted without consent and the individuals died in the process. Covert telephone interviews by Kilgour and Matas revealed that in at least 17 locations in China, organs are obtained from detained Falun Gong practitioners, according to DAFOH, an association of doctors against forced organ harvesting.

The number of organs transplanted in China far exceeds the sources of donation published by the Chinese Communist Party, and a great deal of evidence has emerged in recent years confirming that this discrepancy is largely due to the theft of organs from live Falun Dafa practitioners.

Falun Gong practitioners march in a parade commemorating 20 years of persecution by the Chinese regime in Washington, on July 18, 2019. (

Visa restrictions

The U.S. Department of State would restrict visa approval and border entry to persons who violate human rights. The Minghui website listed several applicable U.S. laws and a presidential proclamation that allow those who persecute religious beliefs, including green card holders, to be denied visas or entry.

But there is also another law known as 8 USC 1182f that directly applies to perpetrators in China involved in organ transplants, according to the Minghui site, a specialized news platform about Falun Dafa.

For this reason, information is being collected on hospital officials, doctors and nurses involved in forced organ harvesting in China to submit to the State Department for a stricter visa investigation and denial of entry, if applicable.

Necessary information includes name, sex, age (date of birth, month and year, if possible, to aid in accurate identification), place of work, title (hospital director, doctor, nurse, etc.) and other related information.

According to statements made to Minghui by a State Department official, visa approval is a privilege, not a right. Although U.S. courts follow a presumption of innocence, meaning that one is considered innocent unless proven otherwise, visa approval does not work this way. With reasonable doubt, a visa officer may deny a visa in the absence of enough evidence.

At the State Department’s request, Falun Dafa practitioners outside China submitted a detailed list of perpetrators involved in religious persecution of this spiritual discipline.

The list includes not only those who have directly persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners, but also those who have instituted and implemented the policy of persecution and collaborated with it.

Falun Dafa practitioners around the world, motivated by the remarkable improvements in their health and mind, report on the persecution in China through various awareness-raising activities, while also spreading the benefits of the discipline, which is free and practiced in more than 100 countries, usually in parks.

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