New Chinese technology could be used to launched an attack on America, defense experts warned on Nov. 23.

The Chinese regime is developing a new hypersonic, electromagnetic missile that could cause long-term power grid disruptions. This would bring devastating economic consequences to the United States and other adversary nations.

A virtual forum organized by the Universal Peace Federation revealed the projectile is armed with a non-nuclear warhead, which could potentially deploy an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

The EMP targets core components that keep American society running, including the power grid, communications, transport networks, water and sewage services plus more.

Analysts stressed the Biden administration should urgently upgrade national defense capabilities to avoid vulnerability.

“That poses a real threat of possibly being able to win a war with a single blow by means of an EMP attack,” U.S. Homeland and National Security Working Group executive director Peter Vincent Pry said according to Fox News.

“By attacking the technological Achilles heel of a nation like the United States, you could bring us to our knees and not even have to do battle with the Marines or the Navy, or the Air Force–and win a war in 24 hours with a single blow [through] a combined EMP cyberattack,” he added according to the Washington Times.

A recent Pentagon report warned electronic warfare is an increasingly important part of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) arsenal.

“[PLA’s electronic warfare strategy] emphasizes suppressing, degrading, disrupting or deceiving enemy electronic equipment throughout the continuum of a conflict while protecting its ability to use the cyber and electromagnetic spectrum,” the report said.

“The PLA is likely to use electronic warfare early in a conflict as a signaling mechanism to warn and deter adversary offensive action. Potential electronic warfare targets include adversary systems operating in radio, radar, microwave, infrared and optical frequency ranges, as well as adversary computer and information systems.”

University of Missouri-Kansas City professor Plamen Doynov revealed an EMP attack does not directly cause any casualties, unlike a nuclear attack.

“It is bloodless at least initially,” said Doynov who is also chief technology officer at EMP Shield.

Fox News revealed Donald Trump began addressing these concerns back in 2019. At the time he signed an executive order for the government to find ways to defend a potential EMP attack.

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