The U.S. is expected to introduce new sanctions targeting world officials at the “Democracy Summit” scheduled between Dec. 2 and 10.

The penalties will be against foreign government officials and those involved in corruption and human rights violations.

According to Reuters, the Department of the Treasury said on Dec. 1 that they will take a series of actions against certain individuals involved in the subversion of democracy and democratic institutions owners around the world through harmful activities, including corruption, oppression, organized crime, and serious human rights violations.

The Wall Street Journal cited a separate source, saying that the U.S. government is planning to call on 110 countries worldwide to enforce the sanctions.

The U.S. officials have not specified who would be subject to the sanctions. But activists were echoing notorious names such as Communist China and Russia, with Iran a high potential.

An official said the Department of the Treasury will also pick up other actions to solve corruption. That includes efforts to tackle the loopholes that allow corrupt politicians to take advantage of the real estate market and enhance corporate ownership transparency.

In treating human rights, Washington is pushing to restrict surveillance facilities that authoritarian governments tend to prey on to conduct its abuse of human rights.

Plans to establish new policies concerning government control of sensitive technology and equipment exports will be discussed at the summit. The plan appeared to direct China, as there have been multiple reports alerting such practices by the Communist regime.

The Summit for Democracy is a part of President Joe Biden’s promises during his campaign. With 110 world invitees, Taiwan among them, the meeting is dedicated to solving authoritarian forces, corruption, and human rights issues.

China and Russia are excluded from the virtual meeting.

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