The United States Supreme Court has upheld the right of the United States to distribute aid to foreign organizations in the best interests of the country, making it clear that American money spent abroad must support American interests.

According to The Daily Signal, the U.S. Agency for International Development, a U.S. federal foreign aid agency, won by a 5-3 vote over Open Society, an affiliate of the billionaire George Soros’s mega group, Open Society Foundations, in a case that affirms a vital principle of U.S. foreign involvement.

The Supreme Court established that it was the government’s prerogative to require foreign organizations to comply with U.S. required commitments in order to receive the funds, which led Open Society Foundations to declare that the United States could not withhold funds from foreign groups that contradicted its views.

The Supreme Court rejected Open Society’s claims that foreign entities deserved the same rights as their U.S. counterparts.

As Justice Brett Kavanaugh noted, the United States “supplies more foreign aid than any other nation in the world. … Congress may condition funding on a foreign organization’s ideological commitments … pro-democracy, pro-women’s rights, anti-terrorism, pro-religious freedom, anti-sex trafficking, or the like.”

The Supreme Court ruling also has a broad effect on U.S. property and, according to the conditionality set by Congress, “help ensure that U.S. foreign assistance serves U.S. interests.”

As The Daily Signal pointed out, the U.S. government has maintained a very firm stance on foreign policy, and so recently announced the withdrawal of the United States from the World Health Organization, which received $900 million in U.S. funds last year alone.

At the same time, the U.S. government sent a request to USAID asking that assistance from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in the United Nations not be used for abortion, referring to the fact that U.S. money should not be channelled through international organizations for purposes that violate U.S. interests.

As for Soros, days ago the U.S. Supreme Court blocked funding for one of its organizations and its operators are also expected to be stripped of First Amendment rights under the US Constitution.

On Monday 29 June, the US Supreme Court ruled against George Soros’s International Open Society Alliance because of its links to foreign countries. The organization was lobbying for funds to fight HIV/AIDS worldwide.

While the far-left organization lobbied and appealed in a lawsuit directed at the U.S. government seeking funding, a government law prohibiting the participation of any organization that supports prostitution prevented access to federal funds and ultimately imposed the ruling.

“Plaintiffs’ foreign affiliates are foreign organizations, and foreign organizations operating abroad possess no rights under the U. S. Constitution,” Judge Kavanaugh said at the time.

As The Daily Signal pointed out, U.S. aid conditions are designed not only to enhance U.S. interests, but also to help promote human rights abroad, a process that may be imperfect in its execution, but should in no way be mutually exclusive.