The Trump administration is ready to resume nuclear talks with North Korea, said the U.S. special envoy for North Korea Stephen Biegun on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

This message came a day after the U.S. and South Korean militaries completed their routine exercises. North Korea called the training an attack practice and reacted with its own missile and other weaponry tests.

“President Trump gave me and my team the assignment to restart working-level negotiations with North Korea, as agreed by Chairman Kim, to successfully implement the four commitments the two leaders made in Singapore,” said Biegun during the press meeting.||67160eba5__

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Biegun made these remarks during his meeting with his South Korean counterpart Lee Do-hoon at the Foreign Ministry in Seoul, South Korea.

“I am fully committed to this important mission and we will get this done,” said Biegun, who continued stating the United States will restart negotiations with North Korea. “We are prepared to engage as soon as we hear from our counterparts in North Korea,” said Biegun.

Lee said in Korean, “The current situation for dialogue didn’t come by accident,” stating that it is the decision and understanding of the South Korean and North Korean leaders with President Donald Trump.

Earlier this month, President Trump told members of the White House media that he received a “beautiful” three-page letter from Kim expressing his wish to “meet and start negotiations” after the U.S.-South Korea drills are over.

“I think we’ll have another meeting,” President Trump said and told reporters that he had received a “beautiful three-page” and “very positive” letter from the North Korean leader.

The U.S. president tweeted that Kim offered “a small apology” over the weapons tests.

South Korea and the United States will coordinate and cooperate to resume the much-needed dialogue with North Korea, said Lee.

Biegun dispeled speculations about his leaving the current post for Russia during the press meeting.

“I want to dispel any rumors that I will be leaving this portfolio to take up an ambassadorship abroad,” said Biegun, stating that he would not be taking up a diplomatic position in Russia. “I will remain focused on making progress on North Korea,” added Biegun

Talks between Washington and Pyongyang ended in February in Vietnam without any definitive agreement. However, in late June, President Trump met Kim at the Korean border. Both had agreed to restart dialogue.

During the latest 10-day training, Washington and Seoul downgraded the military drills to appease North Korea with the proposed talks in mind. In fact, the exercises were mainly computer-simulated war games, according to There were no bombs dropped on mock targets and no open displays of military might.

Pyongyang however continued to complain. Yet, its rhetoric over the joint exercises was more aimed at South Korea, perhaps indicating that North Korea is still keen to resume nuclear talks with the United States.

Washington and Seoul have yet to receive any solid indication for the talks to recommence. But experts are saying that this is normal and it would not be the first time Pyongyang drags its feet on promises to resume dialogue.

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