Parents across the nation are taking action against ubiquitous leftist ideology in schools, to the point where opposition to crucial components of public education has turned into a nationwide movement.

Parents and even older kids are pushing back against various moves by schools to impose a social agenda.

Loudoun County, Virginia, witnessed a major uproar during a new school board meeting after police stormed into the heated debate and arrested a group of parents criticizing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the ideological imposition of gender theories on children.

The parents met at a Virginia school board meeting on Tuesday, June 22, following weeks of protests by various groups to express their concerns about the imposition of left-wing ideas on their children.

Specifically, the issue in dispute this time was the Loudoun school board’s intended new policies for transgender students and teachers.

The rise in activity against liberal education practices, according to Ian Prior, executive director of Fight for School and a Loudoun County parent, was due to the months of online learning that most students suffered.

“People were seeing things on their student’s virtual learning, or hearing from their students about them being taught about white fragility and white privilege and the oppressors versus the oppressed, and parents started doing their homework,” Prior stated.

Parents in Loudoun County have focused on a strategy that involves voting out school administrators. Parents in Loudoun have organized a recall attempt for several board members, claiming that they used social media to attack particular parents because they disagreed with critical race theory.

“We have failed to be the watchdogs of our school systems that we need to be, and it did take a pandemic, but now there has been awakening,” Prior said.

Parents in the wealthy Washington, D.C. suburb banded together this year under the name of Fight for Schools to protest the school system’s adoption of a critical race theory program, as well as other liberal initiatives.

Last month, opponents of liberal programs in the Dallas suburb’s schools scored overwhelming victories in school board elections in Southlake, Texas, after waging a campaign almost entirely focused on opposing leftist educational systems.

Some on the Left have sneered at the initiative, accusing opponents of misinterpreting critical race theory or wanting to prevent interpreted history from being taught in schools.

Local assemblies where parents gather to resist liberal movements in their kids’ schools are gradually becoming newsworthy.

For example, in Randolph, New Jersey, residents successfully lobbied the school board to reconsider a proposal to eliminate the names of all holidays from the school calendar due to fears about identifying Columbus Day.

This issue stems from an event in Portland last year when Day of the Race was celebrated in commemoration of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America. Many leftist movements that promoted racial equality identified Columbus’s arrival as the beginning of violence against the indigenous people and the exploitation of whites over blacks, which these groups claim continues today. For this reason, they rejected the celebration of Oct. 12 and decided to replace it with violent protests naming it the day of “rage.”

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