The most powerful army in the world launches a controversial campaign to recruit soldiers. However, it does not feature the whites who built it. Instead, Biden seeks applicants from the LGBT community and other minorities, using cartoons. 

Thus, the U.S. military appears to prioritize the ‘woke’ concept, based on racial theories, excluding whites who make up most of the population and the military according to last year’s data, Breitbart reports on May 14. 

While the initiative might initially look good, it could mask leftist politics that combat ‘white supremacy’ theory in an attempt to destroy patriotism, one of America’s core values.

In just four months, the Biden administration dragged the country to a point where civil unrest, border crisis, high inflation, rising unemployment, and even gasoline rationing stand out.

After destroying the achievements made by the then president, Donald Trump, Biden promoted a campaign of persecution against Trump’s followers under the slogan of ‘domestic terrorism.’

He also pushes the fight against “white supremacy,” and against the traditional values that have cemented the country’s development since the founding fathers, and this propaganda seems to go in the same direction. 

The author, Alan MacLeod, attached one of five cartoon videos with which the army intends to attract young recruits to its ranks. The advertising contract cost $4 billion.  

“Wow. First it was the woke CIA ad, now it is a super-woke woke animated army recruitment ad featuring a lesbian wedding, an LGBT rights parade and women “shattering stereotypes” by joining the world’s largest killing machine,” MacLeod tweeted.

Earlier in the week, the CIA’s advertisement to attract members focused on theories of racism and caused a backlash. In one, a Latina woman spends several minutes discussing aspects of her identity, stating that being a woman makes her “refuse” to submit to “patriarchal ideas.” 

Another video, highlighting the theme of intersectionality, features a white librarian describing his upbringing as a gay man in the South. Of the 63,211 views obtained as of May 14, since April 8, it had 5,378 rejections and only 327 approvals. 

“CIA’s series of Woke recruitment videos damage national unity. The Central Intelligence Agency is the latest government agency to demonstrate its partisan nature, and its overt politicization harms the nation,” wrote author Gabe Kaminsky on May 12. 

In contrast, the Russian military issued a video encouraging its young men and women to unite in defense of their country, focusing on A profile that identifies a well-trained, strong soldier with love for his country. The difference between the two campaigns is diametrically opposite. 

In this regard, the renowned host, Tucker Carlson, alerted Americans to the dangers posed by President Biden’s changes to the military, which should not be weakened but should be ready to “fight and win wars.”

On his regular March 11 program, Carlson warned of the impact Biden was imprinting on the military: “It’s by far the most important. A weak military means no country, period,” according to the video below.