Federal Appeals Court Judge Laurence Silberman warned that the power acquired by the media in recent times has become dangerous for democracy and is giving control to Democrats.

“The increased power of the press is so dangerous today because we are very close to one-party control of these institutions,” Silberman said, alluding in particular to The New York Times, the Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal according to Fox News on March 20. 

He added, “Two of the three most influential papers (at least historically), The New York Times and The Washington Post, are virtually Democratic Party broadsheets. And the news section of The Wall Street Journal leans in the same direction.” 

The stances of these media outlets are followed by television and radio, greatly skewing the information Americans receive.

“Nearly all television—network and cable—is a Democratic Party trumpet. Even the government-supported National Public Radio follows along,” he said. 

Not content with this, he mentioned the censorship efforts of the big Silicon Valley tech companies “in ways favorable to the Democratic Party,” Silberman said. 

Silberman mentioned a 1964 Supreme Court ruling granting the press immunity from lawsuits by public officials, which he recommends be overturned in light of how its impact has evolved, “It must go,” he emphasized.

Moreover, he explicitly points out that the press is biased against Republicans, following more than 50 years of behavior. 

“Although the bias against the Republican Party—not just controversial individuals—is rather shocking today, this is not new; it is a long-term, secular trend going back at least to the ’70s,” Silberman explained.

In fact the heavy political persecution of information and media that do not adhere to the leftist narrative of the Democrats and their supporters reached the independent network Parler, which was commercially destroyed after it hosted millions of subscribers unhappy with the censorship of Twitter and Facebook.

The scope of censorship by the Big Tech and the media also extends to other issues, such as what is happening with the CCP Virus pandemic and the controversial vaccines.

The video platform YouTube, is said to have removed 30,000 videos containing “misinformation” about the CCP Virus and vaccines, during the last six months, according to Axios.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, YouTube has censored any information that goes against WHO versions and to date has removed 800,000 videos that challenged the U.N.’s “official” information.

Several countries have initiated actions to counteract the censorship of Big Tech, and in the United States the most efficient work is emerging in individual states. 

Texas Gov.Greg Abbott (R) announced his support for the bill being processed in the state to stop it.

“Too many social media sites silence conservative speech and ideas and trample free speech,” Abbott denounced. He added, “Un-American, Un-Texan, & soon to be illegal,” according to local media outlet Valley Central on March 5. 

Abbott also expressed his support for Senate Bill 12, through which state Sen. Bryan Hughes (R) compares the services provided by the large social networks to public services, such as cable company or telephony, and implies these services and cut you off because they don’t like your politics or religion.

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