A group of bipartisan U.S. lawmakers criticized Walt Disney Co. Executive Director Bob Chapek for filming part of the latest film, “Mulan,” in the controversial area of Xinjiang where dozens of illegal forced labor centers exist, and then openly thanked Chinese officials. According to Reuters, in a letter to Chapek, lawmakers demanded explanations of the connections between the historic production company and Chinese Communist Party authorities.

The new Disney-produced film, “Mulan,” is a  live-action version of its successful animated classic that tells a story about a warrior in ancient China. The new version was the subject of controversy and criticism for being filmed, in part, in the region of Xinjiang, where the Chinese Communist Party’s repression against Uighurs and other Muslims has been denounced by several human rights institutions and countries, including the United States. 

In the letter written by officials on Friday, Sept. 11, one can read, “Disney’s apparent cooperation with officials of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) who are most responsible for committing atrocities—or for covering up those crimes—is profoundly disturbing.” 

The letter was also posted on Twitter by the Congressional Executive Committee on China (CECC), which is responsible for monitoring human rights and the rule of law under the CCP and submitting an annual report to President Donald Trump and Congress.

The post reads, “Chairs send bipartisan letter to @Disney inquiring about the filming of #Mulan in #Xinjiang #Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and #Disney’s relationship with security and propaganda entities responsible for committing, or covering up, atrocities in the #XUAR.”

The accusation by the legislators, aims to emphasize that the information about the role of Beijing in the arrest of Uighurs in Xinjiang, was already openly public worldwide before starting to shoot the film. Therefore, they argue that the production company, by choosing to do its work there, legitimized the situation of persecution and exploitation of the Muslim minority. 

“The decision to film parts of ‘Mulan’ in cooperation with local security and propaganda elements provides tacit legitimacy to the perpetrators of crimes that may justify the designation of genocide,” the letter reads. 

As Fox News pointed out in the final credits of “Mulan,” which was launched on Sept. 4 on the Disney + broadcast platform, are included special thanks to eight entities of the CCP, including the office of Public Security in the city of Turpan, where many complaints fall of the at least dozen “re-education camps” in which an enormous number of Muslims are held in extrajudicial detention. 

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), wrote a harsh note to Disney claiming, among other things, for the acknowledgements made to the CCP at the end of the film, “How exactly does giving ‘special thanks’ to the officials responsible for imprisoning, torturing, and forcibly sterilizing millions of people because of their ethnicities and beliefs align with your supposed commitment to promoting human dignity and respecting human rights? Disney’s actions here cross the line from complacency into complicity.”