Once again, a Jesuit-run organization is drawing criticism for identifying with issues associated with leftist ideologies. This time, Loyola University Maryland promotes that Critical Race Theory (CRT) should be implemented even in children under 12. 

In an essay published on Loyola University’s official website at the beginning of the academic year, the academics condemned the criticisms made by teachers, parents, and politicians regarding CRT during recent times. They even praised the widely discredited “Project 1619” as a “historical work” and an “educative tool to be used to initiate honest and representative discussions in schools of the enduring legacy of slavery.”

“The recent political attacks on CRT are dangerous,” the Loyola faculty members continued, “and are predicated on the power of misinformation and misrepresentation.”

They also took care to dismiss the concerns, expressed with determination by many parents and activists who have condemned the revisionist history that teaches that, since its founding, the United States has been an absolutely racist nation.

About CRT’s detractors, the scholars accused them of whitewashing the foundations of social equity and encouraged all faculty and educational leaders to use their voice and position to resist the advance of these “naysayers.”

“[A]s an institution of higher education, first we want to publicly express our commitment to CRT and anti-racist education, making it known that we will continue to prepare future educators using these methods,” the Loyola academics vowed.

Loyola University was at the center of criticism in early November when it transpired that it had hosted a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood on campus sponsored by LMU Women in Politics, a registered student organization at the university.

“The Planned Parenthood Fundraiser is an opportunity for us to raise money for a cause we really care about and have fun at the same time!” read a description posted on the events calendar on the university’s website. 

Despite being Catholic and receiving intense criticism from students and alumni, the university has refused to cancel the event, insisting that the university does not necessarily endorse student organizations’ events, actions, and positions.

The Jesuits are often recognized as representing the left-wing of the Catholic Church. And many institutions, such as Loyola University, have lately demonstrated that this accusation is not far from the truth. 

To name another of many examples, last year, a major Jesuit church in New York City asked its parishioners to recite an “oath for racial justice” during Mass.

In a video, Rev. Kenneth Boller, pastor of St. Francis Xavier Church, can be seen saying that “white privilege and the culture of white supremacy must be dismantled,” and demanding that those present swear an oath for racial justice.

The priest said regarding racial equality ideology in the video, “Do you support justice, fairness, and compassion in human relations?

“You state that white privilege is unjust and harmful to those who have it and those who don’t.

“Therefore, from this day forward … Will you strive to understand more deeply the injustice and suffering of white privilege and the cause of white supremacy?”

Regarding sexual liberation, the Jesuits also seem to be the most permissive in Christianity. A case in point is the controversial Jesuit Father James Martin, outspoken advocate, and spokesman for the LGBT community, who has even received the congratulations of Pope Francis, the highest authority in the Catholic Church and coincidentally also a Jesuit. 

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