Rep. Warren Davidson introduced a bill on Thursday, June 24, to prohibit private companies in any state from requiring their employees to provide proof that they have received any of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus vaccines. The bill argues that such requirements represent “an inherent violation of civil liberties. 

A lawmaker in the House of Representatives, Warren Davidson (R-Ohio-8), spearheaded the bill’s introduction.

He said to Fox News about companies requiring the COVID vaccine as a requirement for employment, “They’re not really providing a rational basis for discriminatory activity—they’re busy separating healthy people from other healthy people on the presumption that people without a vaccine are not healthy,” Davidson said. “It’s a violation of civil liberties.”

The bill aims to prohibit the federal government from issuing any form of vaccine passport but further prohibits states from doing the same as a condition for receiving federal funds. 

Most notably, the ban also reaches private companies connected to interstate commerce, upon which “any employer or customer is prohibited from providing any documentation certifying COVID-19 vaccination, or post-transmission recovery, as a condition” of service. 

This initiative goes well beyond similar bills introduced earlier this year. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz-5) bill would only prevent the federal government from issuing vaccine passports. 

While given the Democratic majority in the House and Senate, the bill is unlikely to pass. However, it represents the growing opposition in the United States and the world at large to forcing people to inject a vaccine. Especially a vaccine that is still undergoing experimentation and with serious allegations of severe adverse effects and deaths.

Davidson insisted that the essence of his bill is to guarantee Americans’ civil liberties regarding what to do and how to take care of their own bodies.

“The idea that people can’t restore our way of life and reconnect with civil society unless they get a vaccine is an inherent violation of civil liberties.” Davidson said.

The bill comes just as almost every state in the country is returning to business as usual. At the same time, there have been reports that many organizations, both private and public, are requiring people and workers to be vaccinated against the CCP Virus (COVID-19), ranging from private businesses to hospitals, schools, and universities.

The penalty for businesses that violate the ban on verifying coronavirus vaccine status under Davidson’s bill would be a two-year ban from receiving federal funding or grants. Individuals could also sue a company that denies services because of a customer’s vaccination status.