Uncertainty is growing about the few interventions that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made to the nation. He is expected to defend his political program and not refuse to hold further debates before voting begins in some states.

Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, expressed concern that 16 states will already be voting when the first debate is scheduled for Sept. 29, according to Fox News on Aug. 3. 

“The American people in those 16 states that are going to vote before September 29 are the ones who want to see the candidates on the debate stage,” Stepien said, interpreting the sentiments of the voters, and considering that it is the responsibility of those seeking the White House.

“The liberal media is trying to create traps for Joe Biden to escape his commitment and obligation to debate in front of Donald Trump on stage in front of the American people,” Stepien added.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) also insisted in one of his tweets that former Vice President Joe Biden should appear before the voters.

Americans deserve to see Joe Biden attempt to defend his bad policy ideas. That this is even a question is indicative of a deeply corrupt political media culture,” Crenshaw wrote. 

Also, communications consultant Jason Miller tweeted that while President Donald Trump has answered 237 questions since July 19, Joe Biden has answered only 37, or 15%, and none since July 28. He also questioned the absence of news coverage on the issue.

Meanwhile, several Democrats are resisting that Biden needs to appear in a debate to demonstrate his capabilities as a potential leader of the country, including his senior campaign adviser, Karine Jean-Pierre. 

“We’ve said yes to three debates and a vice presidential debate as established by the nonpartisan debate committee, a debate committee that has been present and that each campaign has followed for generations,” Jean-Pierre said, implying that Sept. 29 remains the date of the next debate, according to Townhall. 

Voters are also concerned about the absence of the Democratic candidate.

“It’s absurd that this is even a discussion. What reason is there not to debate but to hide something? They know it will be destroyed,” tweeted @bigfact23, in response to the thread opened by Cranshaw. 

For someone else, the refusal to debate is like getting the basketball championship trophy without playing in the final.

 “The media saying Biden shouldn’t debate is like the NBA saying ‘We don’t need a final, we know the Lakers are the best team so we’re going to go ahead and give them the trophy,” wrote @WeMightAgree.

Biden’s mental health has been another topic of concern for some, given his continued mental confusion and gaffes during his public appearances. 


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