The U. S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC), announced this week that in rejection of the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games it will publish the image of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) political prisoner per day, seeking to raise public awareness and oppose human rights abuses.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) granted the Chinese regime the honor of hosting the next Winter Olympic Games. Human rights groups around the world expressed their rejection, given the enormous amount of evidence on the systematic abuse of basic rights of political dissidents, ethnic and religious minorities, according to Breitbart.

CECC has repeatedly written to the IOC pressing for the relocation of the 2022 Olympic Games and to avoid giving the Chinese communist regime the honor of hosting the Games with all the promotional and financial benefits that entails. 

After being repeatedly ignored by the IOC, Congressional committee chairman Senator Jeff Merkley and his co-chairman, Representative James McGovern, announced the debut of the #OlympicPrisoner campaign on Thursday.

“The Chinese government promised the #IOC there would be no restrictions on reporters and open access to the Internet during #Olympics2022, a promise already disputed by reporters in China. This week @CECCgov will highlight journalists & citizen journalists detained in China,” as the Twitter message reads.

On Thursday, Dec. 2, CECC kicked off its initiative by highlighting Huang Qi, a citizen journalist sentenced to 12 years in prison for running a website documenting human rights abuses by the regime, a legitimate exercise of freedom of expression fundamental to any society. 

On Friday, the CECC continued the project and highlighted the case of another Chinese journalist, Zhang Zhan, who was among the first people to begin exposing the horrific abuses committed by the Communist Party in the city of Wuhan in the early days of the CCP virus pandemic….

Zhang, a lawyer, was arrested in May 2020 after spending several months trying to publicize the chaos in Wuhan at the time, recording videos of hospitals and other key facilities in the city that revealed mismanagement, lies by authorities, and abuse of victims and families suffering from the virus.

Despite a wealth of evidence such as that presented by Zhang, the CCP continues to maintain that its handling of the pandemic was successful while continuing to claim that only a few hundred people died from the virus. 

Far from admitting its mistakes and acknowledging its responsibility for the global pandemic, the CCP continues to persecute and silence all those who attempt to expose it to the international community.

Representative McGovern, in a video released to communicate the CECC initiative said:

“We believe it is wrong for the IOC to hold these games in China at a time when the Chinese government continues to commit genocide, strip Hong Kong of autonomy, squeeze journalists, freethinkers and civil society across mainland China and intimidate its critics globally.”

He added that the upcoming weeks will include cases of Uighurs, Tibetans, labor activists, Christians, Hong Kongers and Falun Gong practitioners who are fiercely persecuted by the CCP.

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