U.S. Republican and Democratic college students are demanding “the immediate and permanent closure of all Confucius Institutes in the United States,” dependent on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“The Chinese government’s flagrant attempts to coerce and control discourse at universities in the United States and around the world pose an existential threat to academic freedom as we know it,” student representatives stated in an open letter.  

The students also expressed their concern about the threat to academic freedom posed by these institutions and listed the multiple attacks that are being carried out, used to impose the will of the CCP.

“[The CCP] has manipulated the world’s multilateral institutions in times of crisis, it has compromised our entertainment, news, and business communities, and it is committing crimes against humanity against Tibetans and Uighurs,” the bipartisan document declared.

The Confucius Institutes are used by the CCP to misinform, coerce, discourage, and retaliate against students so that they do not express their political views.

Similarly, the academics in their open letter express solidarity against the CCP’s oppression of the people of Hong Kong, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Tibet, and against the persecution of the Uighurs and other groups including Falun Dafa practitioners, Christians, and Muslims.   

Irregularities committed on American soil by Chinese citizens in the service of the CCP, mainly as spies, are repeated.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called the CCP “the most dangerous geopolitical threat,” while he presented three bills to the Senate to control it on May 21.

“The Chinese government is a 1984-style dystopian state, and it’s tracked and imprisoned millions of Uighurs and other religious minorities” Cruz also said.

In addition, the mishandling of the outbreak and spread of the CCP Virus around the world has caused a lot of upset.

On this pandemic, Peter Navarro, director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, does not hesitate to accuse the CCP.

Navarro believes that the CCP knew how dangerous it was and allowed its spread, “That is a fact. It should not be discussed,” Navarro said.

One hundred and twenty-two countries requested an impartial evaluation of the responses given by the CCP to the CCP Virus.

The CCP’s current situation is linked to multiple troubling issues, which include the increased repression of Hong Kong and the frictions with several neighboring countries, so several analysts consider that its decline could be near.

Finally, in the open letter presented by Republican and Democratic academics who seek the definitive closure of the Confucius Institutes, they emphasize, “The world is watching, and the fate of liberal democracy based on the fundamental dignity of the human person—depends on our success.”