When Michael McAfee first learned of the tumor in his newly adopted daughter’s liver, like any parent, he was “shocked and heartbroken.” The Christian author and his wife Lauren McAfee knew they were facing a new and devastating challenge and are now in desperate need of prayer.

Michael is an author, director of community initiatives at Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., and a teaching pastor at Council Road Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. His wife, Lauren, is an author as well and works in the corporate offices of the Christian-owned Hobby Lobby, according to LIGHTWORKERS

In mid-September, the couple officially adopted their daughter Zion, a little girl from China. When they first met Zion in China, Lauren wrote in a Facebook post that she was surprised at just “how natural it feels” to be a mother.

However, happiness did not last long. It should have been a normal morning until they got a call from Zion’s doctor that afternoon, Nov. 7, and the little girl was sent straight to the ER to be admitted because a tumor had been found in some unrelated scheduled tests she had been through.

“We are still in shock and scared,” Lauren wrote last Thursday, Nov. 7 on her Facebook post, “and I don’t quite know what to say except that we are reminding ourselves of God’s promises, and praying for healing. Will you pray with us?”

On Tuesday morning, Nov. 12, Zion went in for surgery to have the tumor removed.

“I cannot believe all she has overcome in her short life,” Michael tweeted. “I’m praying cancer is just another trial that God would use in her to bring him glory in her salvation and sanctification.”

“She cannot imagine the fight ahead of her,” the new dad wrote. “But I can promise you this, she’s up for it.”

Thankfully, yesterday, Nov. 12, Zion is out of surgery and the doctors have some good news.

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