We’ve got a heartbreaking update to a story we brought you Friday. A child who accidentally shot himself in Katy, Texas has died.

The child, Radyn Terrell, discovered the weapon and shot himself in a closet of the family home on South Firethorne Road’s 28200 block, police said. He was taken to a neighboring hospital and died at approximately 4 p.m. Sunday, according to Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Major Chad Norvell.

The child discovered the.38-caliber pistol in a bedroom and shot himself in the head, Norvell said.

The boy’s father with another child was downstairs when they heard a gunshot.

He carried his son outside, completely frenzied “attempting to stop the cars,” continued the spokesperson. Shortly after a 911 call, first responders arrived and the boy was flown to a nearby hospital.

The Sheriff’s office in Fort Bend County shared a message on Twitter confirming the death of the boy.

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