Members of the far-left antifa group, in collaboration with a group of squatters in Portland, violently attacked police when they tried to evict the squatters from private property on Tuesday morning, Dec. 8. The police even arrested several of the violent men but were eventually forced to leave the site as the mob moved in, causing destruction as they went. 

The events took occurred at a place in Portland called Red House, where several squatters took over the place, entering house and privately owned lots illegally, causing great chaos in the neighborhood during the last few months.

According to the police report, during the last few days they received more than 80 calls from the conflict zone by neighbors denouncing criminal activities of all kinds, led by the squatters.

The service calls included: fights, disturbances, shots fired, robberies, vandalism, excessive noise, threats (including from armed individuals) and illegally blocking traffic, sidewalks, and access to homes.

When the police arrived on Tuesday morning, in one of the occupied houses they found an armed person whom they managed to subdue quickly, and when they entered they did the same with the rest of the occupants. During the search they found several firearms that the police are holding.

According to the report, the police officers after the seizures stayed on the sidelines while the private owners began to secure their properties.

The squatters, apparently well connected, soon had an army of Antifa members who were responsible for driving the police out of the area using extreme violence to achieve their goal.

A local media outlet posted on its Twitter account: “Breaking: Antifa violently attacks Portland Police officers in early-morning attack.”

The video clearly shows how the protesters sprayed fire extinguishers on the police, threw objects at them and punched and kicked them. 

Melissa Lewis, an independent journalist, also approached the place and uploaded film material on her Twitter account, where it can be clearly seen how the demonstrators violently attack the cops who were doing their job. 

The police managed to arrest about seven people according to the police report, but District Attorney Mike Schmidt, just a few hours later, dropped all charges against the defendants. 

Schmidt has already been at the center of criticism several times for his permissive policies toward the antifa terrorist group and the extreme left wing protesters who have repeatedly caused chaos in Portland and on many occasions have been arrested and within hours released even without charges against them.

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