Groups of parents organized and voiced their disagreement on May 4 against requiring their children to wear a mask during school hours. Across the United States, groups of concerned parents confronted school boards and teachers’ unions who continue to demand that masks be worn even inside the classroom.

Most U.S. children have been able to return to school, but nothing is back to normal. Especially because in many states, children have not been able to see the faces of their classmates since they have been forced to wear a mask that covers them almost completely. 

As reported by local media Kutv News, the Salt Lakehizo County, Utah school board, after a frantic vote, had to adjourn the meeting after a strident eruption of parents upset with the continuation of the obligation to wear masks in the state’s schools. 

On Tuesday, May 4, the state had reached the minimum criteria required for the CCP Virus public health orders to expire, including the mask mandate. Yet, without logical argument, K-12 schools remain mandated to wear them at least through the end of the school year. In other words, the entire state will be free to circulate without masks, but not in schools. So far, there is no logical explanation for this decision.

That same day, parents in Seminole County, Florida, protested in front of the school administration building, holding signs that read, “Unmask our children now,” “Mandates are not constitutional,” and “Medical freedom, no mandate,” as reported by Fox 35.

In Southwest Allen County in Fort Wayne, Indiana, groups of parents of school-aged children attended the rally organized to demand answers about the ongoing mask requirement, local media outlet WANE reported.

These are just a few examples of the many similar cases reported across the country. On the contrary, there is, although largely censored on the Internet, enough scientific support to argue that it makes no sense whatsoever to expose children to several hours of school hours with their faces covered by a piece of cloth, thinking that this will “save” them from the CCP Virus.

There are actually numerous studies that argue that the effects of the masks have not contributed to the reduction of contagions and have even caused other types of pathologies.

A study published by, a COVID-19 data clearinghouse led by a group of database analysts, looked at a 229-day period from May 1 through Dec. 15, comparing days when state governments imposed mask mandates with days when they did not.

Through a Twitter thread, the co-founder of the site, Justin Hart, released the results, which showed that those states that instituted the use of masks had almost twice as many cases as those states that did not implement mandatory use.

During an interview with Just The News, the renowned professor Bhattacharya was highly critical of the excessive use of masks that certain sectors are trying to impose. 

Bhattacharya wrote a piece in mid-April in the Wall Street Journal, citing studies from Sweden and the World Health Organization (WHO) itself, recommending that we avoid masking children until at least age 11, given the low risk of infection and the very real danger of developmental delay in children.

But of course, many health professionals, some even supposed “experts” in the field, are pushing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to impose permanent masking mandates even after the end of the pandemic caused by the CCP Virus.

But of course, there is one undeniable issue, as Bhattacharya described, masks are “a palpable symbol of panic and fear,” and if the globalist elites are really trying to spread them in society to make it easier to control them, then the strategy of masking as many people as possible is a super effective plan.

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