New data from the New York State Department of Labor shows that the prolonged CCP Virus quarantine continues to wreak havoc on New York’s economy and workforce, the New York Post reported.

Unemployment in New York City was 15.9% in July, higher than the national average of 10.2%.

In New York City the unemployment rate is 20%, or one in five people are out of work. Currently more than half of the 300,000 employees in the restaurant industry are out of work.

Unemployment in the Bronx is even worse; almost a quarter of the residents are unemployed.

Even after a partial reopening of the economy, the private sector in the state of New York has 1.18 million fewer jobs than July 2019.

In total, New York City had 646,100 fewer jobs than a year ago.

The city has almost no tourism and many hotels are empty. The Broadway theater district is closed and restaurants offer limited service.

The New York Post reported that Mayor Bill de Blasio does not plan to allow restaurants to have customers inside because it is an activity for middle- and upper-income New Yorkers that clashes with his promise to transform the city with progressive policies. 

“… is obviously a very optional activity, which some people do a lot who have the resources and others can’t do at all because they don’t have the resources,” the mayor said.

However, the Post report objects, there are inexpensive eateries and fast-food restaurants that employ thousands of people, in addition to bringing vitality to beautiful New York City.

While there are some 10,000 restaurants that are serving people outdoors, with the arrival of the autumn-winter chill, that could mean more jobs lost.

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