The U.S. Intelligence Community Inspector General’s (ICIG) office received a complaint, alleging that the Ukraine whistleblower may be soliciting unlawful donations.

The newly filed complaint addressed to the Hon. Michael K. Atkinson says the whistleblower may have violated federal law for indirectly lobbying and collecting over a quarter of a million dollars via GoFundMe, according to an exclusive Fox News report.

The letter of complaint filed last Friday dated Nov. 8 was acquired and published on Fox News website.

The complaint alleged contributions “that benefits an entity called the “Whistleblower Aid” came from over 6,100 donors.

The letter stated, “A U.S. Intelligence Officer who filed an urgent report of government misconduct needs your help” and “We’re working the whistleblower.”

The complaint, filed by Anthony J. Gallo, managing partner of Tully Rinckey, PLLC, stated that his client “believes that many of these the donations are from ‘prohibited sources’ as defined by 5 CFR 2634.203 (d). It requested the ICIG to “investigate each and every donation to determine if it is from a prohibited source, or if a foreign citizen or agent of a foreign government made gifts to this intelligence official.”

The GoFundMe has helped to collect over $227,000 so far.

Tully Rinckey PLLC that represents the individual reporting the allegations is protecting the identity of their client, according to Fox News.

The law firm, however, revealed to Fox News that their client has served the U.S. government and holds a top-secret SCI security clearance.

“I have not seen anything on this scale,” Gallo said to Fox News about the fundraising for the Ukraine whistleblower.

“It’s not about politics for my client—it’s whistleblower-on-whistleblower, and [my client’s] only interest is to see the government ethics rules are being complied with government-wide,” stated Gallo, according to the exclusive Fox News report.

The GoFundMe fundraising webpage claimed, “Donations will only be accepted from U.S. citizens.” But, most of the GoFundMe donations for the whistleblower’s campaign came from unnamed sources.

Legal experts stated that the ICIG would probably need to subpoena the website for information about the sources of the donations.

ICIG Michael Atkinson is the same government official who had received the Ukraine complaint from the whistleblower.

The Ukraine whistleblower’s complaint about President Donald Trump sparked an impeachment inquiry that will become public this week with the launch of House hearings.

The newly filed complaint noted that the Internal Revenue Service’s criminal investigations division has been notified.

“I hope that it’s acted on expeditiously. The time is ripe to address these issues,” said Gallo.

Includes reporting from Fox News