While the Trump Campaign legally demands that Americans’ right to electoral transparency be respected, six states are preparing to issue the final certification of the winner of their electoral votes.

The states of Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin will begin presenting results tomorrow, Nov. 20, through Dec. 1, Bloomberg reports on Nov. 18. 

Given the numerous claims of fraud, the Trump Campaign’s legal team cannot rest. While some of its cases were dismissed by the trial courts, they are appealed to higher courts and will most likely go to the Supreme Court. 

President Trump’s certainty of being re-elected is absolute both for him and all his team members. Most Americans also perceive the widespread deception in the election.

Although state election authorities define the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, as the winner for obtaining the most votes, the election winner would be judicially determined after resolving the ongoing claims.

If no court ruling is involved, the state certification is equivalent to declaring the winner, according to Michael Morley, an assistant professor of law at Florida State University, quoted by Bloomberg. 

Among the pending claims of Trump’s legal team are those filed in Pennsylvania because Democratic county voters were given the option of correcting errors on their ballots, but Republicans were not.

Also challenged are more than 680,000 ballots that arrived by mail and were counted without allowing Republican observers to monitor them from an acceptable distance. 

Also, the Trump Campaign demanded the disqualification of 10,000 ballots received after Election Day.

In Michigan, the Trump Campaign is attempting to block certification of the results in Wayne County.

On the other hand, in Nevada, Trump insisted that 15,000 people living out of state would have voted illegally.

Trump won the most massive vote ever recorded in the United States for a presidential candidate. His lawyers are confident that the final results will be overwhelming in his favor, even though Biden is currently leading.

Trump’s legal team’s strong argument appears to be based on the fraud perpetrated through the vote-counting machines administered by Dominion Voting Systems, which is blamed for the deceptive manipulation of millions of votes.  

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